An introduction.

October 15, 2008

Well, this is my first post, which is kind of awkward. I mean, I can’t just jump into blogging about my life. You don’t even know me. It’s like going up to a stranger a having casual conversation with him about how your cat threw up and your carpet this morning.

So, I have decided I’ll introduce myself to you. I’m Sabrina. I’m…well, I can’t really explain myself to you. You’ll just have to follow along with my blog. I’m just a teenage girl, so don’t expect my writing to be icecream. I’m lame at writing. (My english techer could object to that statement, though.) Now, for a list of people you’ll meet at in my posts.

Me,Sabrina=That’s me, who is currently writing this.               

Mom,Dad= My mom and dad, who else?

Bear= A dog that is our pet.

Stephanie= My friend

Sara= Another friend

Him=a person who I admire. ALOT.  REALLY ALOT. Gettin’ my jist?

I guess that concludes my first post. But a second post shall becoming soon that jumps right into my life.